As women, we are master jugglers and care takers, and we put everyone else’s needs before our own.  It’s who we are. It can sap our energy and leave us tired and rundown. As a result, we’re not functioning at our best, and therefore can’t give our best to others. If our health and energy suffer, then our relationships, our careers, our finances, and our hobbies can also suffer. Why? BECAUSE HOW WE DO ONE THING IS HOW WE DO EVERYTHING. If one part of our lives is under stress, other areas will be too, and we can’t consistently be our best. As natural multi-taskers, we take care of everyone else but neglect ourselves. We even feel GUILTY or SELFISH to have our own desires fulfilled, so we ignore them. As a health coach, I want to help you put yourself at the top of the list, so you gain more energy, create healthy habits that stick, and become the best version of yourself. Let go of the guilt and dial into your own needs.


Initial consultation - $75

Follow up sessions - $60


Let's spend some time talking about you, your goals, and how we can work together to finally overcome those hurdles.  




I get this question all the time! Let me keep it simple - a health coach is a professional who helps you achieve your health goals by uncovering pitfalls that have held you back or gotten in the way of your success, while also holding you accountable so you can sustain new and healthy habits.  



Certified Health Coach

I think we can all agree that it feels GREAT to help people. I have worked in the corporate environment for the last 15 years, where I have had amazing experiences and partnered with many talented individuals. However, I slowly recognized that I wasn’t making the impact I wanted and was unfulfilled and unhappy, which greatly affected my energy level, eating habits, and health. One day, while stuffing myself at a fast food restaurant, I saw a sign across the street for personal training at a nearby studio. I made the decision between French fries that it was time to start feeling better. Once I joined the studio and committed to getting better, two things happened. First, I realized I needed to have a consistent healthy diet to perform so I wouldn’t puke on my trainer’s shoes! Second, I found that while I enjoyed working out, I got even more satisfaction and fulfillment out of encouraging other women in class to do their best and celebrate their accomplishments. Those amazing feelings helped me realize that nothing makes me happier than helping others become their best selves. There’s no other feeling like it. That's when I discovered health coaching and began my journey.  I took a big leap of faith, ditched the corporate world, and here I am! 


Coaching with Beth has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. Each session we shared was impactful and relevant, allowing me to set small attainable goals each week that helped me reach my overall health goals.

Beth provided practical tools that I could carry into every aspect of my life, giving me a new and refreshing way to approach the challenges many women face.

- Kim

90 days to change your mindset, total self wellness, and life! Beth's U First program helps you claim yourself back and tackle whatever obstacles that are stopping you from living your best life! The weekly sessions hold you accountable so you can make true progress.

- Rachel

Beth has a calming presence and soothing voice. She was able to instantly make me feel at ease, which helped when  the transformative work went deeper. She offers great support, but will also challenge you to stretch into your best self while holding you accountable to ensure success. Loved our sessions together!

- Katie




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